CAMP: Chicago Area Mini-consulting Program

CAMP is a program intended to provide experiential learning opportunities to students enrolled in the courses I teach at UIC and, at the same time, benefit the local Chicago area business community. Sponsored projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis around the year and are scheduled as mini-consulting class projects in a relevant course in the following semester. If you are a Chicago-area firm facing a specific business challenge or are generally interested in discovering how data-driven decision-making can have a positive impact on your business, feel free to reach out. We offer expertise in the following three areas.

Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management

  • Using data to design effective pricing strategies in uncertain demand to maximize yield on fixed inventory or capacity

  • Menu pricing for multi-product offerings, e.g., in restaurants

Market Analytics

  • Effective multi-sided platform and marketplace design for optimizing value generation, growth, and operational efficiency

  • Platform pricing and revenue generation

  • Designing effective market penetration and targeting strategies

Inventory and Capacity Management

  • Data-driven workforce scheduling

  • Process architecture and routing design to maximize capacity and service levels

  • Designing effective inventory management strategies in conjunction with pricing to tackle uncertain supply chains

Key Details:

  • Mini-consulting projects are small projects of 1-month duration focused on addressing a specific business problem. They usually involve 2-3 meetings with the project sponsor. Projects are undertaken by groups of 3-4 students and overseen by me.

  • The program is entirely free of charge to the sponsor. Any intellectual property developed as part of the project is owned by either UIC and/or the students and is generally governed by the guidelines presented here. Data usage can be governed by an NDA as specified by the sponsor.

  • We particularly invite projects from smaller local firms and non-profits who are looking to explore the benefits of data-driven decision-making.

  • For inquiries, please contact